Horn 3012 Tri -Star

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Horn 3012 Tri - Star 

Gives you 3 essential uses– Sew at, work at, store in!

The 4 Shelves and 5 drawers offer great storage potential for your important accessories and unfinished projects.

You can either stand and sew at it, something that becoming more popular, or sit and sew ideally with a tall chair due to its height. Your foot control can be placed inside the unit on the bottom shelf.

Or if a work surface is needed, your machines is on a horn air- lifter, so you can push your machine away to its storage position fit the solid filler supplied and now use your table for pretty much anything!

Super sturdy with 9 castors, 5 being of a heavy duty commercial construction which can lock if needed. These are fitted to the main body as well as 4 standard castors, one fitted to each door, for extra support. This also give’s easy mobility regardless of the stored weight.

Arrives in a ‘ready to assemble’ form making it ideal to build up in awkward or hard to get to locations in the home.