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Strong, sturdy with a strong commercial feel, the Stella 3006 will take the heavy workloads of for example the Brother commercial embroidery machine PR600/PR620/PR650/PR1000 or the new generation of large domestic sewing machines including the Brother Innovis 1, Husqvarna Sapphire, Janome 11000 or Bernina 8 series.


The 1 inch thick table top, with knock resistant ABS edging, will take hours of heavy work and limit vibration and operational noise.

Huge storage capacity drawers and pigeon holes ideal for awkaerd specialist items e.g. embroidery hoops ect...

  • Super sturdy with 6 castors in all, 4 being extra large, heavy duty, lockable wheels fitted to the main body - makes for easy mobility regardless of stored weight, once locked holds rigidly in your chosen place
  • Tough, knock resistance ABS edging surrounds the top of the table - for increased durability
  • A convenient slide out hooping platform that when not in use hides away above the top drawer - great for placing scissors ect... when table top is covered
  • 4 large pigeon holes - ideal for storing large embroidery frames, cutting mat, magazines....
  • Lift up work areas either side of main body that are held in place by sturdy gate leg supports - have them either up or down when needed
  • 1" thick table top - helps eliminate vibration and limits operartion noise with larger machines
  • FOR FURTHER DETAILS :http://www.hornfurniture.co.uk/stella/

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